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Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 7

Saturday March 3rd

We went to Carmella and Jamie's 1 acre camp site for a special time with the pastors and other church families. The main focus was to get to know everyone better and to have a teaching time on stewardship. Dave and Roy talked to the whole group on us use of one's Time, Talent and Treasure. Later we broke off into 3 groups the men with Dave, the women with Gail and the teenagers with Justin and I. Got to know them better and talked about their talents and how they spend their time. Also how they can be a mentor to someone else. It was a great day. I don't remember where we went for dinner, so it probably was McDonalds. 

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 6

Friday March 2nd from the Philippines.

Today was our last medical mission day. It was nearly 100 today and we saw about 65 people at both sites. I was able to given a lot of adjustments and noticed from the expressions on the faces that they received great relief. It is very rewarding to see the results of an adjustment. Even though there are chiropractors in most towns in the United States, the vast majority of people have not been to one. They are missing out on a very important part of maintaining good health. It is up to us, that is current patients and doctors of chiropractic to tell others about the benefits of Chiropractic. Later that day after our lunch we went to pick up our special shirts that we will wear on Sunday. We got a little lost in finding the place. On the way to the Taylor we where looking for a barber to get a hair cut for the experience. There was on right down the street from the Taylor. It was fun. Back to the hotel and change of clothes. Actually that was for everyone else. For me it was to adjust another 10 people. I have been always willing and it indeed was a blessing to those family members and friends of Pastor Jaimie and Carmella. We then traveled to our next venue, another outside church service. Dinner was late but it was not at McDonalds.

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 5

Today is Thursday March the 1st and we are off to 100 Islands state park. It will be a relaxing time with our Philippine host and pastors. The trip takes about 2 hours. We have arrived and off on a boat ride to the islands . This year there was no problems with boats or fuel issues. We did the zip line . That is about 15 or more of us. It was a lot of fun. We stoped to see the beach where General Mcauthor landed. Later we had dinner all together. Off to bed ti get sleep to prepare for our last medical mission. Only 3 days left. More later.

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 4

We are on our way Wednesday morning for our 2nd day of medical missions. Dr Justin our MD is going out with his team to Blastista and my team is headed off to Calasiao where there is only about 15 plus members of the church. It seemed from the beginning that we were only have just a few people. However they kept coming to have their vitals taken. They where given some information about their health and then they came over to my area to get an adjustment. There I ask what was their problem. I saw about 70 pepople and Justins team saw about 100. We had a break in the afternoon and were back for the outdoor church service. It was great to hear the testimony of one our team members. Long day and night. We headed away from Calsaiao for our out door reach. If we are able we will get our super after 10 pm.

Good night from the Philippines

Dr. Doyle Heimann

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 3

Today is Tuesday. We went to a school where we had two groups exposing the high schools to the bible. Carmella described the wordless book. It is a small book with several colored pages. Black, red, gold these represent black of sin, the red the cost of salvation. It was accepted well by the kids. Later we went to get measured for our traditional Philippine shirts. When had a lot of travel however and the day went by fast. Tomorrow will be our next medical mission. We will switch teams with us doctors. Oh, and by the way it has been in the mid to upper 90's

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines