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  • (1) Stretching of the neck – going through the natural range of motion of the neck.
    - bending side to side
    - rotation turning of the neck (head) to the right and to the left
    - translating (like a chicken) the head forward and backwards not extending the head at an angle
  • (2) Progressive isometric contraction of neck muscles
    - do for the following ROM's - rotation, side bending and translating neck forward and backward
    -for side to side bending (lateral flexion) have your hand on the side of your head. Bend your head toward your ear about 10 degrees, hold that position, with your hand on your head resist movement of your head without allowing any additional movement or overpowering your neck muscles. Do this for about 5 seconds. Relax and now move your head an additional 15 degrees or to point of discomfort. Repeat the exercise. Do it 4-5 times and repeat with the other side and the other ROMs of the neck.