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Do Sit-Ups - off an exercise ball (sitting on the ball perform a sit-up keeping your feet flat on the floor, also incorporate the obliques by bending to the opposite side) Start out with a modest number of reps and continue to increase.

  • Buttock Dips - off an exercise ball ( lay upper back on ball and dip your buttocks toward the floor and then return to neutral position) Start out with a modest number of reps and continue to increase.

  • Planking – there and many from basic positions on forearms (push-up position) to modified push-up positions ( arms far apart, hands close together, side position one hand one foot touching ground.

  • Up dog down dog - which is where you curve your spine gently rounding spine or arching your back.

  • Basic Knee to Chest stretching for hold times of 5-10 seconds (5-10 reps or more as back tension relieves)

  • Modified Knee to Chest bring knee to opposite side of chest exhaling as you bring the knee closer to you chest. You should feel a mid stretching type discomfort at the top of the buttock area on the same side of the knee that you are stretching. Progressively that feeling should decrease. ( 5-10 second hold time for 5-10 reps)

  • Warm up stretching before exercise is always helpful. The important thing is to be committed and be consistent with your exercise program. Our next blog will discuss wellness and how getting Adjustments and what you eat relate to getting and staying healthy.