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After 50 hours with no sleep we were able to final get to a hotel room. We had flight delays do to high winds in Tokyo. This caused us to miss our connecting flight to the Philippines. We had to get a bus to another airport and go thru customs and eventually fly to Manila. Arriving at about 8 am Saturday. Getting breakfast, a tour and then a 4 plus hour van ride to Dagupan. Sleep was welcomed. Sunday we went to Pangasinan Bible Mission at MBC for church service. Later we visited with Pastor Castro and Carme!a and their family. I got started on adjusting that evening. I treated ten people, three had shoulder problems. They had great relief instancely. They were amazed with what Chiropractic can do!.But it is not just Chiropractic, it is God working through my hands allowing me to heal them. Over and over they thanked and praised how I was able to help them. This is how Chiropractic can help people. This is true Chiropractic. Tomorrow officially starts our medical mission. We estimate 50 to 60 people will come to get their blood pressure checked, as well as other symptoms and then they get their first Chiropractic adjustments. While they are waiting they are introduced to the gospel and who Jesus is. Much more to follow.

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines