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Today Monday the 20th we had our first day of medical mission. About 50 people came. We checked their blood pressure and the glucose and they were sent over to me where I checked them out. There were several people that had frozen shoulders. I was able to work on them and adjust their shoulder. This made a big difference for them, their ROM range of motion was greatly improved. They also had spinal adjustments as well. Many of the patients were amazed at how more flexible their neck and back felt after the adjustment. This is how Chiropractic works wonders for people. More people need to consider getting adjusted. These people can't get adjusted because the nearest chiropractor is 3 hours away and as hard it is to believe it is really expensive here. $78.00 us dollars just for an adjustment!

Later we had attended the graduation of three pastors and then had a a small crusade meeting with about 50 or so people. I gave my testimony of what Christ has meant to my life.

Dr. Heimann