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Tuesday 2/21, We got a late start because my alarm did not go off. We did our 2nd medical mission. Most of the 56 people were seniors. Their problems ranged from shoulder problems to knees and back pain to neck pain. Many where in their 80 'S and one was 96. The knee problems were mostly bone on bone type issues. We recommended glucosime, but we only had 2 weeks supply to give them and it is extremely expensive here. We continue to see very high blood pressure and high sugar, when we tested them. I was however, able to make a lot of them feel much better. Again we saw patients with much more mobility after working on their shoulder shoulders and neck and back, it is just a shame that they could not have Chiropractic years earlier. This again it is important for us in the US to take advantage of our opportunities in our choice of healthcare. Choosing Chiropractic now will prevent many of the type of conditions that I have seen so far. One thing I forgot to mention is that I saw these 56 patients in 3 and 1/2 hours in 94 plus temperatures, in a 15x20 room with about 25 people. That alone made it even hotter. I was very wet with sweat and tired. The rest of the day we got measured for our special shirts and went to dinner. The other half of the team held a Bible study at a car dealership.

Dr. Heimann