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Wednesday the 22nd we had our third medical mission. We had 70 plus people coming getting checked for sugar levels and blood pressure. we worked about 3 and 1/2 hours. During that time I adjusted all them incuding young children. It seems that shoulder and knee pain are again quite common. As for the knees, I wonder if the cause is arthritis from flip-flops or no shoes at all on cement. The roads are cement and all floors are cement. There is virtually no wood for floors anywhere. Later in the day we went to a public school, where a lady from the church presented the gospel and we handed out little story picture booklets about Bible stories. In the evening we had another outreach to the people who came to the medical mission. Music and a message was given. We had a late night dinner at 10 PM at Mc Donald's. I think that was my first Big Mac in More then 20 years. Can't always eat what you want on these type of trips. Hopefully I will get good night of sleep. I have been very tired and treating all those people 95 degree heat is exhausting. Tomorrow it to be 97, however no medical mission that day.

From the Philippines

Dr. Heimann