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Today Thursday the 23rd from the Philippines we were in a all day teaching class with about 20 pastors and some of their wives. The topic was the book of Revelation. This day was my day off from adjusting, however I adjusted all the pastors before the teaching started. After the 8 hour teaching session I adjusted several more pastors and their wives as well. They were so very appreciative. Many remarked how wonderful they felt after their treatment. The teaching was great with a good question and answer time. Jim did the teaching. Later we went to a lady's home where she can board up to 24 college girls. She would like to have a church there for them and others. Jim lead a Bible study on the 1st chapter of Daniel. It was a full day. Tomorrow will be our last medical mission and last crusade. More on that day as it happens. Check out pictures on Facebook at Doyle Heimann or at Heimann Chiropractic Clinic.

DR. Heimann from the Philippines