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It is Friday the 24th the last day of the Medical mission. We were missing one member of our group, Roy was sick.  We had about 60 people come for their health check and to receive an adjustment.  Again they were very appreciative of all we were providing.  Many people heard from the Pastors about the message of Christ.  Later after lunch at the Jolly-Bee we went to another public school .  We handed out booklets on the gospel of John, our host Carmela talked with the 3rd and 4th graders about the importance of GROW. - go to church, -read your Bible, -obey your parent and teachers, -be a witness.  We actually took a little time off to rest before our next event which was a Evangelistic Crusade provided by Basista Bible Church. There were praise songs in Tagalog and Holly sang for us. Since Roy was still sick, I was to his place and gave my testimony of how I chose, when I was 20 to be a follower of Christ rather then just be a church attender. We ended the day with dinner at 10 PM at Chow King.  Also a little different food, not quit Chinese.