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On Monday the 26th we had our two medical missions both Justin's team and my team saw about 70 people each. We were at different locations, he performed examinations and gave advice and prescriptions . At my site I worked on mostly seniors. They had a lot of arthritis . I was able to adjust most of them. Our purpose is to give them attention that they don't normally receive and to give them some relief from the physical problems that they are experiencing. This then opens the door for discussion about their spiritual needs. The pastor of the church where we are holding the medical mission introduces them to Jesus by explaining the gospels and our need of a savior. Later that day we had an out door church service near one of the sites of the mission . It was a full day with dinner late after 9 pm. Still struggling with emails and tablet issues. If I didn't mention it in a previous blog I will briefly now. I was trying to use a speak to write function on my tablet and I must have deleted by accident my key board. And all that was left was the speak feature. Which would not allow me to use email etc. We tried everything.

Turns out all I had to do was install a new keyboard app. And I was good to go.

That is all for today, I will be behind a day or two in post though.

Dr. Doyle from the Philippines