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We are on our way Wednesday morning for our 2nd day of medical missions. Dr Justin our MD is going out with his team to Blastista and my team is headed off to Calasiao where there is only about 15 plus members of the church. It seemed from the beginning that we were only have just a few people. However they kept coming to have their vitals taken. They where given some information about their health and then they came over to my area to get an adjustment. There I ask what was their problem. I saw about 70 pepople and Justins team saw about 100. We had a break in the afternoon and were back for the outdoor church service. It was great to hear the testimony of one our team members. Long day and night. We headed away from Calsaiao for our out door reach. If we are able we will get our super after 10 pm.

Good night from the Philippines

Dr. Doyle Heimann