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Sunday 03/04/2018 Today is our last full day in the Philippines. We started out having a church service. Holly sang and I gave my testimony about how I was raised in a loving Catholic home, but hope of heaven was based on doing good or trying to be good enough. Through conversations with friends when in college it was explained to me what the bible actual said about how we can be assured of Heaven. It was then that I understood that we have all fallen short of being good enough and all are sinners in God's sight and the way to heaven is to confess that we have sinned and to accept God's grace by acknowledging Jesus as one's savior. We are created to good works. So by helping your neighbor or going on a mission trip we are honoring God. This not to get points with God it is to do these things is his name for his glory.

So that was Sunday morning, oh I for got there was a lot of picture taking too. We then said some good byes and went to the one year anniversary of Pastor John's church in Bayambang. That service was about 3 plus hours in near 100 degree heat. Later we had a nice dinner with 20 of us and then it was off the hotel to pack and get a few hours of sleep for the 4 hour drive to Manila. We waited at a McDonald's for a while had breakfast at 5 am or so. We later chilled out at a Starbucks of all places. Made to the airport and waited another couple hours for the 1230 or so flight back home. the flight was uneventful. We were greeted with snow on Monday night. That was a 70 degree swing in temperature. Home at last. It is always nice to be back home.

Thanks so much for supporting me on this trip. I was my honor in representing you as I was able to give chiropractic to these dear people. One more thing we are having a fundraising project to raise about $4,800 to buy a used Jeepnee which is a common a vehicle of transportation in the Philippines. This will help transport up to 17 people to church and other events. I will have a picture of one at the office. Those wanting to contribute to this project can make their check out to First Baptist Church and drop it off or mail to the office at 1131 Warren Ave Downers Grove Il 60515.

Thank you again,

Dr Heimann from the Philippines

Disclaimer: These were unedited blogs and we apologize for any misspellings.