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 It has been hot this past month. First thing is make sure you are drinking enough water. The recommended amount is 1/2 ounce for every pound of body weight or divide your body weight by 2 and that is the number of ounces you should be drinking. 

Lot of people injury or strain their back working in their gardens. bending over the wrong way pick weeds and gathering up their vegetables. Bending at the waist is a no no it stress the spine and puts the most pressure at the lower part of the spine. You should bend your knees and try to support your back as much as possible when reaching.

So many conditions having a causality or at lease a connection to our diet, amount of exercise and our immediate environment, it is important to look at our health status as something that we can really change by what we do and how we eat. Inflammation in the body can be caused by the over growth of Yeast in the body (Candida). Mycotoxins build up and this causes inflammation in organs and in our vascular system. There are so many good foods that can help repair and maintain a healthy gut Microbiome. 1)The first thing to do is to decrease the toxins that are in our body and negatively affecting us. The liver is the primary detoxtifer of the body. However, it can be over taxed by our environment. The air we breath, the water we drink, the chemicals in our homes and work place. 2) Fasting is one way to help the liver do a better job. 3) Avoiding prepared or boxed foods. Increasing consumption of antioxidents. 4) Eating lot more fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish and polutry. 5) Proper elimination, that is regular bowel movements. 2-3 times a day, it is related to the number of meals you eat. Remember toxins are being eliminated from the body 6) EXERCISE is important for sleep, digestion, stress reduction, depression issues, bone health, balance, cognitive abilities and the list goes on.

In summary, you can be health by eating right, exercise, getting good sleep and of course getting regular adjustments. If you haven't been regularly consistent in any of these areas it might be why you are not getting better health wise or the reason why you are suffering from some condition, whether it be a GI or respiratory or musculoskeletal problem.

Update on my fundraising for my next mission trip to the Philippines. I have $550 towards the trip. The cost is $1950, so have $1400 still to raise by December 31st. If this is something you would like to be a part of by supporting me on this trip. Just make you check on to First Baptist Church of Downers Grove (FBC) and mail or drop it by the office. Thanks for your continued support. Another way to support us, is by referring a friend, neighbor, or relative to our office for chiropractic care. We appreciate referrals.

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