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Monday was our first day of medical missions. We went to a small church in Bautista. We saw about 90 people about 40 were children. Most of the adults had high blood pressure and high sugar. This is common in the Philippines. It might be due the the heavy diet of white rice and the blood pressure issue us complicated by the salt in the diet and dehydration issues they seem to have. I adjusted all of them during the 3 hours we were there. Later we had lunch chicken and rice I believe. Later that night we went to San Carlos for the evening evangelical service. Music, a message and my testimony. I explained how I was raised in a church going family. New about God and Jesus, but did not know of or had a personal relationship with Jesus. I was explained what it meant to accept Jesus as my savior, that he died for everyone’s sins, including mine. I chose to accept him at the age of 20. Now 40 years later I continue to follow Jesus.