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Tuesday 1/29 we to a high school and elementary school to talk the kids. We had 4 groups. A Filipina (a woman Philippine) and one from our team in each group. The wordless book was presented by the Filipina and we helped by passing out a special booklet which tells the story of man and his original sin and God’s plan for redeeming us. The students were very receptive to the presentation and the booklet. We had lunch and then came back to the Malasiqui Bible Church for the graduation of eleven pastors from specialized training in ministry. I also was called on to give treatment to another 5 people. One of them had a shoulder problem that I had worked on two years ago. Apparently helped a lot back then. This time I helped him a lot but also gave him several exercises to to do to keep it improving. It was also a long day we closed down another restaurant (Jollibe) by eating dinner at 5 minutes before closing, which was 10 pm.

Dr. Doyle from the Philippines