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Thursday 1/31 is our last day for medical mission. When set up at house of president of a senior citizen group. There were about 60 people that we able to see. I actually adjusted about 70 people a few extras that did not get recorded and a few volunteers. The average age was 69 and the systolic blood pressure was 170 and sugar was over 110. I worked on several with shoulder problems. We saw people that had arthritis in their knees and ankles, this was a common problem. There were also several that had history of a stroke. This is related to the high blood pressure. Everyone was very appreciative of all that we did for them. We had a couple hours of rest and then a 45 minute ride to the site of our last nighttime service. After the first few songs Tom opened in a prayer and then I gave my testimony again. This time I explained that just one sin separates from God because he is holy and can not look upon sin. I said I was a good kid growing up and that I was a nice guy but I had disobeyed my parents, had lied before and other sins. Sin kept me from God.  I said I chose 40 years ago to accept God’s free gift of his son as my personal savior. Holly sang a solo. After the message we went out for dinner. McDonald’s again, only choice. At least I did get something different each time. Late night and have to wake up at 530 am for trip to 100 Islands with the pastors and their wives.

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines