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The early morning wake up was so we could go to MBC and participate in a motorcade. It was a outreach to some of the back roads of Malasiqui. We had several vehicles and scooters in our group. Tom and I road on the top of the Jeepnee throwing out candy to the kids. We ended up at the campsite area. We broke up in groups. Dave with the men Debra either women and Tom and I with the teenagers. Tom talked to them about the story of Joseph. Started by explaining how the story was passed down through the generations accurately. Dave talked about finding joy. Deb talked about role of women, from Probverbs 31 After a snack we split up and half went to the church to over see preparations for Dave and Deb’s wedding. The rest went to search for a generator. The power was going to be shut off on Sunday. After 3 hours of searching and negotiating we got one and then made the necessary connections to make it our work for Sunday. We all had a nice dinner together. I did get to bed early however. One day left.

Dr. Doyle from the Philippines