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Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 3

Today is Tuesday. We went to a school where we had two groups exposing the high schools to the bible. Carmella described the wordless book. It is a small book with several colored pages. Black, red, gold these represent black of sin, the red the cost of salvation. It was accepted well by the kids. Later we went to get measured for our traditional Philippine shirts. When had a lot of travel however and the day went by fast. Tomorrow will be our next medical mission. We will switch teams with us doctors. Oh, and by the way it has been in the mid to upper 90's

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines 

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 2

On Monday the 26th we had our two medical missions both Justin's team and my team saw about 70 people each. We were at different locations, he performed examinations and gave advice and prescriptions . At my site I worked on mostly seniors. They had a lot of arthritis . I was able to adjust most of them. Our purpose is to give them attention that they don't normally receive and to give them some relief from the physical problems that they are experiencing. This then opens the door for discussion about their spiritual needs. The pastor of the church where we are holding the medical mission introduces them to Jesus by explaining the gospels and our need of a savior. Later that day we had an out door church service near one of the sites of the mission . It was a full day with dinner late after 9 pm. Still struggling with emails and tablet issues. If I didn't mention it in a previous blog I will briefly now. I was trying to use a speak to write function on my tablet and I must have deleted by accident my key board. And all that was left was the speak feature. Which would not allow me to use email etc. We tried everything.

Turns out all I had to do was install a new keyboard app. And I was good to go.

That is all for today, I will be behind a day or two in post though.

Dr. Doyle from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines 2018 pt 1

We arrived in manila on Friday morning at about 11:00. We had lunch and then we went to a mall which has hundreds of flea market type booths selling everything from cell phones to purses to choose furniture etc. We then went back to the hotel where we had supper later the next day. Saturday morning we had our breakfast and took a tour of Manilla's financial district and old manila, we also went to the United States military cemetery. We had lunch and then met up with our driver and hosts. We traveled 4 hours to Dagupan City where our hotel is located. On Sunday morning we went to church to with worship with pastor Jaime Castro and his wife Carmella. After church I adjusted family members of the Castro's. In the afternoon we went to celebrate the opening of a new church. Later that night about 20 of us had dinner together. Monday will be our first medical mission day. More on that tomorrow.

Dr. Doyle from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 7

Saturday 2/25/17

Today is Saturday and it was a day to travel with all the Pastors and wives and go to 100 Island State Park. It was a nice break from all the activities this week. The boat ride was in a narrow boat that had bamboo outriggers on its sides. It had a diesel engine that was very loud. The whole experience was remminance of the African Queen as we were bounding up and down with the waves. Once on the Governor's Island we had to jump off on to the sandy beach. After a lunch we climbed the 100 steps to the top over look. Now was the time to register for the zip line. Dave and I we the first to go. Dave first and then myself all appointed in snorkel mask and fins. Time to fly in the sky for 1800 feet of fun. I chose to do some snorkeling and swim back to the beach. After that a little cave exploring and the the boat ride back . On the way we came upon a stranded boat and our driver and 1st mate promptly secured a line with just a small amount of excitement as the boat colided briefly. Half way back our boat ran out of fuel. The disabled boat fortunately had extra fuel. Off again towards shore and a uneventful double boat docking. A little shopping and a 2 hour ride back to the hotel to pick up our recovering teammate. Pizza was our dinner choice. First Shakey's, a blast from the past. However they closed at 8 PM on Saturday night. Second choice was Yellow Cab Pizza. Not to bad, good meats, lite on the sauce though. Back to the hotel. And of course a little adjusting of half a dozen family members of our hosts that were not with us earlier. One more day left and a long flight home. Look for pictures on Facebook!

From the Philippines

Dr. Heimann

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 6

It is Friday the 24th the last day of the Medical mission. We were missing one member of our group, Roy was sick.  We had about 60 people come for their health check and to receive an adjustment.  Again they were very appreciative of all we were providing.  Many people heard from the Pastors about the message of Christ.  Later after lunch at the Jolly-Bee we went to another public school .  We handed out booklets on the gospel of John, our host Carmela talked with the 3rd and 4th graders about the importance of GROW. - go to church, -read your Bible, -obey your parent and teachers, -be a witness.  We actually took a little time off to rest before our next event which was a Evangelistic Crusade provided by Basista Bible Church. There were praise songs in Tagalog and Holly sang for us. Since Roy was still sick, I was to his place and gave my testimony of how I chose, when I was 20 to be a follower of Christ rather then just be a church attender. We ended the day with dinner at 10 PM at Chow King.  Also a little different food, not quit Chinese.