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Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 5

Today Thursday the 23rd from the Philippines we were in a all day teaching class with about 20 pastors and some of their wives. The topic was the book of Revelation. This day was my day off from adjusting, however I adjusted all the pastors before the teaching started. After the 8 hour teaching session I adjusted several more pastors and their wives as well. They were so very appreciative. Many remarked how wonderful they felt after their treatment. The teaching was great with a good question and answer time. Jim did the teaching. Later we went to a lady's home where she can board up to 24 college girls. She would like to have a church there for them and others. Jim lead a Bible study on the 1st chapter of Daniel. It was a full day. Tomorrow will be our last medical mission and last crusade. More on that day as it happens. Check out pictures on Facebook at Doyle Heimann or at Heimann Chiropractic Clinic.

DR. Heimann from the Philippines

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 4

Wednesday the 22nd we had our third medical mission. We had 70 plus people coming getting checked for sugar levels and blood pressure. we worked about 3 and 1/2 hours. During that time I adjusted all them incuding young children. It seems that shoulder and knee pain are again quite common. As for the knees, I wonder if the cause is arthritis from flip-flops or no shoes at all on cement. The roads are cement and all floors are cement. There is virtually no wood for floors anywhere. Later in the day we went to a public school, where a lady from the church presented the gospel and we handed out little story picture booklets about Bible stories. In the evening we had another outreach to the people who came to the medical mission. Music and a message was given. We had a late night dinner at 10 PM at Mc Donald's. I think that was my first Big Mac in More then 20 years. Can't always eat what you want on these type of trips. Hopefully I will get good night of sleep. I have been very tired and treating all those people 95 degree heat is exhausting. Tomorrow it to be 97, however no medical mission that day.

From the Philippines

Dr. Heimann

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 3

Tuesday 2/21, We got a late start because my alarm did not go off. We did our 2nd medical mission. Most of the 56 people were seniors. Their problems ranged from shoulder problems to knees and back pain to neck pain. Many where in their 80 'S and one was 96. The knee problems were mostly bone on bone type issues. We recommended glucosime, but we only had 2 weeks supply to give them and it is extremely expensive here. We continue to see very high blood pressure and high sugar, when we tested them. I was however, able to make a lot of them feel much better. Again we saw patients with much more mobility after working on their shoulder shoulders and neck and back, it is just a shame that they could not have Chiropractic years earlier. This again it is important for us in the US to take advantage of our opportunities in our choice of healthcare. Choosing Chiropractic now will prevent many of the type of conditions that I have seen so far. One thing I forgot to mention is that I saw these 56 patients in 3 and 1/2 hours in 94 plus temperatures, in a 15x20 room with about 25 people. That alone made it even hotter. I was very wet with sweat and tired. The rest of the day we got measured for our special shirts and went to dinner. The other half of the team held a Bible study at a car dealership.

Dr. Heimann

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines Pt 2

Today Monday the 20th we had our first day of medical mission. About 50 people came. We checked their blood pressure and the glucose and they were sent over to me where I checked them out. There were several people that had frozen shoulders. I was able to work on them and adjust their shoulder. This made a big difference for them, their ROM range of motion was greatly improved. They also had spinal adjustments as well. Many of the patients were amazed at how more flexible their neck and back felt after the adjustment. This is how Chiropractic works wonders for people. More people need to consider getting adjusted. These people can't get adjusted because the nearest chiropractor is 3 hours away and as hard it is to believe it is really expensive here. $78.00 us dollars just for an adjustment!

Later we had attended the graduation of three pastors and then had a a small crusade meeting with about 50 or so people. I gave my testimony of what Christ has meant to my life.

Dr. Heimann

Chiropractic Mission Trip to the Philippines

After 50 hours with no sleep we were able to final get to a hotel room. We had flight delays do to high winds in Tokyo. This caused us to miss our connecting flight to the Philippines. We had to get a bus to another airport and go thru customs and eventually fly to Manila. Arriving at about 8 am Saturday. Getting breakfast, a tour and then a 4 plus hour van ride to Dagupan. Sleep was welcomed. Sunday we went to Pangasinan Bible Mission at MBC for church service. Later we visited with Pastor Castro and Carme!a and their family. I got started on adjusting that evening. I treated ten people, three had shoulder problems. They had great relief instancely. They were amazed with what Chiropractic can do!.But it is not just Chiropractic, it is God working through my hands allowing me to heal them. Over and over they thanked and praised how I was able to help them. This is how Chiropractic can help people. This is true Chiropractic. Tomorrow officially starts our medical mission. We estimate 50 to 60 people will come to get their blood pressure checked, as well as other symptoms and then they get their first Chiropractic adjustments. While they are waiting they are introduced to the gospel and who Jesus is. Much more to follow.

Dr. Heimann from the Philippines